7 Simple Steps to Build a Successful Mindset

Many people that I come across in everyday life and here at my coaching practice have a mindset that is both disempowering and working against them. Are you one of them?

Do you know what you want?

Are you constantly trying to pursue that goal, and making a solid effort, but never really getting anywhere?

Raise your hand. Come on be honest.

Hey listen, I was one of those many years—I did everything, but nothing seemed to work.

Despite what the gurus say, despite what they offer as out of the box solutions, success doesn’t start out there. X

It starts from within you. You create your success.

If you want to succeed in your online endeavours, you need to figure out a way to manage your thinking, your mindset, your way of working and your ideas for success.

Here is a 7-step formula for living your success from the inside out.

1-Define your success indicators– Define what you want. If you don’t, you’ll remain confused about your success and your failures. Find out what’s important for you in your personal life and professional life. Find a quiet place where you can work through this for an hour or two. Ditch your ego, your fears, your worries, and your guilt and think about what a perfect life would be to you. What would you see, hear and feel?

2-Set goals based on your success indicators– Ok, so you’re currently at a stage where you simply know what success means to you. But you’ve no plan, no help, nor any strategy to create that success. So, start by setting goals in the three basic of life: work, relationships, and health.

3-Go out there and find inspiration and motivation– you’ve got your goals. The next step helps you to find a way to convince your brain to stick to that goal and get inspired about how to move ahead. Grab google images that represent those goals. Pin them up in front of your desk. They serve as a constant reminder to your subconscious about what you’re aiming for.

4-Create habits surrounding your goals– Goal-setting works best when you have habits surrounding your goal. Without them, your motivation levels will drop and fade away very quickly.

5-Create a routine around your habits– By that I mean, learn to live your success. Make it a routine to commit yourself to that habitual activity, and push yourself each and every day.

6-Stop procrastinating – Routines can feel a bit of bore sometimes, but success comes from repetition. Even the most successful people will have a lapse in their performance or activities because they’re procrastinating. So be prepared for it. There will be times when your inspiration doesn’t flow, or you can’t be bothered to get up early, and your venture seems pointless and like you’re on a merry go round. I’d suggest you go back to step 3, because this is the time when you need motivation, inspiration, and self-love the most.

7-Stop looking at success like a distant achievement– “I wish I was as successful as him”, “When will I reach that success?” Each step you take towards your goal is a success in itself. Instead of searching for some distant success, search for success in your day-to-day life—find and celebrate success with the smallest bits of work that help you reach your goal. Then stay committed to those habits and strive to live them daily.


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