Who am I?

For the record I want to tell you that I’m no Online marketing “Guru”, nor do I want to be a “Guru”,  and frankly I hate “Gurus”

Just having to say the flippin word pisses me off. And I’ll tell you why a little later.

Hi there, I’m Umesh Damania. I’m a full-time Author, Mind Coach and Online Entrepreneur.

Going back a few short years, I was disillusioned in my 9-5 corporate human resources job in the city of London. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the actual job, but I’d reached as far as I could. It wasn’t a challenge. The hours were long, I had two young daughters, I was traveling around the country, and frankly, I wasn’t seeing much of them. More importantly, I wanted a better life for them. My girls meant the world to me. I wanted to see them growing up. I wanted to be a better dad to them.

Whether I did my standard 37 hours a week or 50 hours, it had little effect on my take home salary. So I decided to quit my job and re-train. I studied to be a personal coach and set up my business seeing clients face-to-face.

I always wanted to take my business online to reach more people. I’d spent a lot of time just surfing from one site to another looking for a way to get off the ground. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent a long time just chasing your tail and heading down blind alleys.

I didn’t have a clue about how to set up a website, never heard of Wordpress, or autoresponders, social media marketing, CPC, CPA, affiliate marketing, sales pages, squeeze pages, long tail keywords and so on….the jargon was baffling to say the least.

You see I have always been great at any job I’ve applied myself to, but for the first time in my life, I felt so darn incompetent and clueless. I wanted to take my coaching business online and expand into other areas but couldn’t figure out the whole online minefield.

I joined forums, saw mind boggling threads that promised amazing products, quick cash, fantastic results….and guess what?…I fell for a lot of them. I kept saying to myself, this “one” must be the one that does it for me…gosh it even says “newbie friendly” in the sale patter.

What I didn’t know at the time was that I had “fallen” for the sales patter, signed up and lined the pockets of a great sales person.

Two years down that slippery road..where did I find myself?…I’m embarrassed to say I was now over $20,000 dollars lighter, and had more that 40 different marketers’s products sitting gathering dust on my hard drive…what a sucker!…To be honest those figures are probably a little less than the true extent because I gave up keeping track of it as it became a fixation to keep chasing the next “shiny object”.

I remember signing up for one $5000 coaching program, but got just one welcome call from the well known and very successful “Guru”, then was told I had to get everything from the Facebook group. Then someone recommended another $5000 coaching program with a different “guru”, which to be fair was ok, but still left me confused and penniless. I brought $7 ebooks like they were going out of fashion, Youtube training courses, traffic avalanche this, guerrilla commission that, dropshipping training…even 4 different animation software products because at the time whiteboard animations were all the rage…you get the drift hey?

Now I know there are plenty of other people in the same boat I found myself in, with the SAME embarrassing story to tell.. and many have spent two, three or four times as much as me without an end in sight.

Then it dawned on me.

These “Gurus” and marketers were just after my money. They spend upwards of $5000 just having one sales page crafted with the sole intention of getting you to click on the “buy now” button. They repurpose material, add a little bit more, new covers and sell stuff again, one product launch after another…all aimed at fleecing you and me.

I’m glad to say that I’ve finally made some great contacts and friends in the industry, people who I can trust. I was able to finally learn how to build an online business ETHICALLY AND AUTHENTICALLY.  It was those introductions that stopped me getting caught on that online merry-go-round.

I’m going to share with you on this site who they are, and I know that they can help you launch your online business without all the bullshit.

It’s taken me a few years to finally get here, but I know I’ve turned a corner. I’ve shed the sweat, stress and tears.

By now, you may begin to understand why I hate “gurus” so much.

However, the mentors who coach now are the ones I wish I had met at the very beginning. It would have saved me a lot of money, stress and heartache. I was getting to the point where I wondered if there was any hope for me, and whether there were any genuine mentors out there who weren’t going to rip me off.

I’ve found someone who hasn’t ripped me off, but who’s held my hand step by step and taken me through this minefield. He’s honest, genuine and so helpful.  It’s someone I can now call my friend and mentor.

I’ve now found the shortcut to creating internet profits…are you ready for the challenge?

To your success


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